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Japan Heritage

“Living with Whales,” a story about whaling culture in coastal areas of Wakayama Prefecture bordering the Kumano Sea was designated as part of the Japan Heritage.

Shingu - Nachikatsuura - Taiji - Kushimoto

As part of its Japan Heritage program, the Agency for Cultural Affairs recognizes stories that communicate Japanese traditions and culture through the historical appeal and distinctive characteristics of various regions. The program was created in 2015 to facilitate regional development by actively utilizing the tangible and intangible cultural properties that serve as the basis for those stories. A total of 104 such stories have been recognized to date, including “Living with Whales” (as of March 31, 2021).

Japan Heritage story

Famous for the Black Current, the Kumano Sea, which sparkles in the warm sunlight of its southern climate, has been home to whales since ancient times. Eventually humans living in the area came to hunt them, even as they respected and revered the gigantic creatures. At the same time, they valued the whales more than anyone, with the result that this story of whales and people was spun in the southern ocean.

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A Story of Whales and People

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