Enjoying a scenic drive along the southernmost tip of Honshu

Touring Kii Oshima Island and Cape Shionomisaki and experiencing the area’s beautiful coral sea

Kushimoto lies at the southernmost tip of Honshu. The Black Current keeps the area’s water warm, and the waters of Kushimoto Marine Park are home to the world’s northernmost table-type coral colony, which is inhabited by tropical fish. In addition to a half-submersible underwater sightseeing ship and undersea tower, the park includes an aquarium where guests can observe Kushimoto’s marine life.

Kushimoto Marine Park

After viewing the area’s beautiful ocean, you’ll cross Kushimoto-ohashi Bridge onto Kii-Oshima Island. On the way, you’ll stop for a break at Nagi Bread & Cafe and then visit the Turkish Museum at Kashino-zaki on the eastern tip of the island , where you’ll learn about the sinking of an Ottoman Navy frigate during the Meiji period when it struck a reef below Kashino-zaki Lighthouse and the history of friendship between Turkey and the town of Kushimoto and Japan, which was deepened as a result of the town’s response to the disaster.

Nagi Bakery & Cafe (left photo)
Turkish Museum (right photo)

After also visiting Kashino-zaki Lighthouse, you’ll head back toward Cape Shiono-misaki, the true southernmost tip of Honshu that sticks out into the Pacific Ocean to the south of Kushimoto. If you head down a small path to the left of the entrance to Shiono-misaki-jinja Shrine, which is located just beyond the white Shiono-misaki Lighthouse, you’ll find Cape Shiono-misaki Lookout, which is a registered Japan Heritage site. As you would expect of a place that was used to spot whales, the site offers a superb view. It’s said that if you look toward the horizon, you can see Shikoku on a clear day.

Kashino-zaki Lighthouse (left photo)
Cape Shionomisaki Lookout (right photo)

Finally, you’ll head back to Kushimoto Station. The shop Kashi Shiozaki is the perfect place to buy a souvenir.

Kashi Shiozaki

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